Good health is not just about the absence of disease or infirmity. It's also about good health, physical, mental, and social well-being too. As the pace of life increases, with longer working weeks, and technology encroaching in personal time, it can be difficult to find any 'me time', and your physical and mental well-being can suffer as a result.

Physical and mental well-being are too important to ignore. With increasing obesity rates, diseases and conditions associated with being over-weight, Choice Pharmacy recognizes the importance of taking a wholistic approach to your health, and our range of brochures offers advice on all kinds of health-related issues, from good nutrition, fitness and well-being, to menopause, keeping regular and smoking.

Whether it's dealing with migraines, or back pain, or cold and flu, our health professionals understand that healthy living can start with access to quality information and practical advice.

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  • Worms

    Most families with young children will have to deal with the problem of worms from time to time. Anyone can get them, but children seem to […]
  • Tinea

    Fungi like to grow anywhere that’s warm and moist. You’ve probably seen them popping up in the garden as mushrooms, or invading food that’s been left […]
  • Sunsense

    We live in a sun soaked country – and us Aussies love it! Going to the beach, playing sport, outdoor picnics and barbeques are all what […]
  • Sports Injuries

    Sports are a great way to get fit, have fun and make some friends. Keeping active is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We […]
  • Smoking

    If you’ve ever tried to give up smoking you know how hard it is. Nicotine is a powerful drug. Sometimes it takes 2, 3, 4 or […]
  • Sinusitis

    The cold you had last week is still there. You can hardly breathe through your nose and your whole face is throbbing with pain. If this […]
  • Prostate Health

    Before reaching middle age, most men probably haven’t given their prostate gland much thought. But as men get older, their chance of experiencing some kind of […]
  • PMS

    Mood swings, tender breasts, a bloated stomach, food cravings, fatigue, irritability and depression. These are just a selection of the symptoms some women have to deal […]
  • Pain Killer

    If you get headaches or niggling aches and pains often, then you’ve probably taken your fair share of paracetamol or aspirin. Swallowing these tablets is easy […]

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