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Homy Ped

Do your shoes provide no support?
Homy ped styles helps to support, re align and improve your posture. Homy ped styles provide top of the line arch support as well as footbed contouring all aiding in the realignment to your natural position. This will help to reduce your ankles rolling inward. Homy Ped products also result in the improvement of balance and stability due to secure ground contact and excellent support. These styles are designed and engineered in Australia using innovative footbed technology and features to deliver maximum support, cushioning and comfort.

Check out some of their other features and benefits below!

• Improved Posture
Posture is improved by elevating your arch, cupping your heel, supporting the metatarsal area and cushioning the plantar at the front of the foot. This helps to realign your feet back to their natural position.

• Customised Fitting
Homy Peds dual fit system allows shoes to be worn with or without orthotics

• Multi adjustability
Homy Peds shoes are all adjustable which allows for an optimal fit

• Pressure reduction
The metatarsal and plantar support zone reduces stress on the ball of the foot

• Balance and stability
Torsion control minimises sideways twisting for extra support and security

• Engineered grip
High traction soles provide secure ground contact

• Generous wiggle room
Provides space for toes to relax and flex, reducing discomfort and pressure

• Fresher feet
Antimicrobial lining reduces odour causing bacteria

• Customised protection
Surgical grade foam linings contour and conform to the wears foot

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