Choice Pharmacy is a Registered NDIS Provider

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a program that provides funding and support to eligible individuals with disabilities. Its aim is to help people with disabilities achieve greater independence, improve their quality of life, and participate fully in their communities.

Through the NDIS, eligible individuals can receive funding to access a range of services and supports tailored to their specific needs and goals. This can include assistance with daily activities, therapies, equipment, home modifications, and access to community services.

At Choice Pharmacy, we are equipped to assist individuals with disabilities who are part of the NDIS. We offer flexibility in the supply of products and can provide quotes for the supply of NDIS-approved items. We accept various funding options, including self-managed, plan-managed, and NDIA-managed payments.

Our dedicated NDIS team is available to answer any questions or inquiries via email at We are committed to supporting individuals in navigating the NDIS process and ensuring they have access to the products and services they require.

NDIS Services that we provide


Transportation Arrangements

Individuals can participate in daily life activities under funded NDIS transport arrangements.
Assistive Products

Assistive Products

Individuals can get subsidy to purchase assistance products for personal care and safety related.
Personal Mobility Equipment

Personal Mobility Equipment

Individuals may require certain tools and technology to navigate their daily lives effectively and efficiently.

In-Home Care Assistance

Individuals may need assistance for their daily personal care within the comfort of their own home.
Incontinence Supply

Incontinence Supply

We offer the convenience of providing incontinence supplies directly to individuals' homes.
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