Our Naturopath

Is here to help

Choice Pharmacy is excited to now provide an in-house Naturopathic consultant as an added benefit to our local community. Our experienced Naturopathic consultant will help you select from our wide range of naturopathic medicines and vitamins and educate and provide you with a platform to kick start a holistic Health Care Program.
The Naturopath consultation is a Free Service from Choice Pharmacy, but make sure you hurry and make a booking as spaces are limited due to popular demand!

Meet our Naturopath

My name is Chantel and I am the new Naturopath for Choice Pharmacy. I have been in the industry for 8 years and am passionate about health, wellness and helping people to achieve their health goals. I am so excited to be here, get to know you all and assist you with your health concerns.

So what exactly is a naturopath?

A naturopath is a health practitioner that uses a holistic approach to treating a person. This means that we look at the entire person; mind and body to asses what is going on for them. We do this by taking a detailed case history in a consultation, to gain a better insight into your health. Naturopaths use a range of different treatments such as nutrition, vitamins, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes, to assist your body's own healing mechanisms to bring you back to optimum health.

We can help with a number of health concerns, including;

-Digestive issues

-Hormonal imbalances such as PMS and menopause

-Anxiety and stress related issues

-Seep disturbances

-Joint and muscle problems

-Metabolic issues- weight loss, diabetes and thyroid concerns

-Immune function- lowered immunity, frequent colds & flu, allergies, sinusitis

Chantal is in the following stores for consults, however can also provide free zoom calls to all other Choice Pharmacies.
Monday - Choice Pharmacy Eastern Creek
Tuesday - Choice Pharmacy North Kellyville
Wednesday - Choice Pharmacy Colebee
Thursday - Choice Pharmacy Springfarm

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