Fight Cold and Flu Season with Oriental Botanicals

Fight the Cold and Flu Season this year with Oriental Botanicals. Our Naturopath goes over her top products to avoid the dreaded flu!

Learn About Plagiocephaly With Our Baby Nurse

Plagiocephaly which is also know as flat spot on head can be very common in new-borns and in most cases will correct itself.

Health Benefits of T2 Tea!

Did you know that tea is also full of amazing health benefits? Not only does it taste AH-mazing, but it's good for you too

Addressing Joint Pain

Our Naturopath is here to talk to you about all things to do with Joint Pain. Discover causes, products may that help as well as diet and exercise tips.

Our Naturopath Speaks About Anxiety

Our in house Naturopath Tijana, takes us through some common triggers and treatment options in regards to anxiety.
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