Start your career at Choice Pharmacy

Great work environment

We love promoting a great work environment and understand the important aspect of having the correct balance. All our opportunities are flexible to ensure our staff are always energetic and keen to expand their horizons.

Great opportunity for advancement

Working at Choice Pharmacy is just the beginning. We are always working alongside each team member to ensure that they are evolving their skills. At Choice Pharmacy, there are always opportunities to advance your career.

Become a Member of Our Work Family

Our staff members have built lasting relationships with us over the course of several years, and we have had the privilege of witnessing their families grow. At Choice Pharmacy, working with us means you are not merely an employee, but rather an integral part of our Choice Pharmacy Family.

Flexible and Competitive remuneration packages

We understand the industry and always go above and beyond to ensure not only great remuneration packages but also a comprehensive range of benefits and perks for all our dedicated and valued staff members.

Career Opportunities

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    Pharmacy Ownership Opportunities

    New stores opening soon

    We are always looking for keen and energetic pharmacists to Join our growing brand and work towards pharmacy ownership. Choice pharmacy can provide a flexible solution to get you closer to your goals.