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Flu Shot

Book in for your 2022 Flu Shots now.

$19.95 for Choice pharmacy members

Vaccines anticipated to be available from March 22nd


Who can get the Flu Vaccine at Choice Pharmacy?

Patients between 10 years and 65 can be vaccinated in the pharmacy. Those under the age of 10, over 65, or pregnant must go to the Doctors to be vaccinated.

How much does the Flu Shot cost?

For Choice Pharmacy Reward members it is only $19.95 for the Flu Shot. Non members can join our FREE Membership program on the spot to receive the members rate.

I got the Flu Vaccination last year, do i have to get it again this year?

Yes, each year the Flu virus changes. Hence a vaccination every year is required to keep up to date with the changing flu strands.

Are there side affects?

Not all patients experience side effects, however some may experience some mild side effects, such as:
Muscle aches, Drowsiness, Localised pain, redness and/or swelling at the injection site, Occasionally, an injection-site lump that may last several weeks, Low-grade temperature (fever). These side effects are usually mild, subside within a few days and do not normally require treatment.
More severe immediate adverse effects, such as hives or anaphylaxis, are very rare consequences of influenza vaccination. Your pharmacist is trained to recognise and manage any immediate, severe reactions.
Your pharmacist will also carry out a pre-screening assessment before vaccinating you to ensure the vaccine is suitable for you.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Flu Vaccine: Please note Vaccines are anticipated to be available from March 22nd 2022. Whilst we will try our best to meet this date - we cannot guarantee delivery and so booking might be delayed in this instance. Choice pharmacy has the right to not complete a booking due to any reason. Covid vaccine: Please note we will do our absolute best to guarantee your allocation of vaccine but there may be unforeseeable circumstances when we may not be able to supply the vaccine.
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