Our Naturopath

is here to help

Choice Pharmacy is pleased to offer the expertise of our in-house Naturopathic consultant. With extensive experience, our consultant employs a holistic approach to health, assessing the entire person—mind and body—through detailed case histories during consultations. Utilising treatments such as vitamins, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes, they support the body's healing mechanisms to restore individuals to optimum health. Additionally, our consultant is committed to educating and providing a foundation for a comprehensive Holistic Health Care Program, delivering ongoing benefits to our local community.

So what can a naturopath help with?

A naturopath can offer a wide range of support for various health concerns. Whether you're struggling with gut health issues, hormonal imbalances (such as PMS, menopause, period pain, or endometriosis), or facing challenges related to stress and fatigue, they can provide guidance and holistic solutions. Naturopaths are also equipped to address sleep disorders, joint and muscle problems, thyroid dysfunction, and provide immune system support. If you're on a journey to manage weight and diabetes, a naturopath can assist you in that endeavour. Additionally, they can provide insights and recommendations for skin conditions and a host of other health-related issues, making them a versatile resource for holistic wellness.


Allow us to introduce our Naturopath, Saema, who brings over six years of valuable clinical naturopathic expertise to our team. Her primary focus areas include Anxiety + Stress, Digestive, and Sleep issues. Passionate about helping you alleviate medication side effects, Saema employs supplements, lifestyle adjustments, and dietary changes to support your journey to better recovery.

 You can book consultation appointments with Saema at the following stores: Eastern Creek on Tuesday, Box Hill on Wednesday, and North Kellyville on Friday. Saema is also happy to respond to emails or engage in conversations over the phone with customers who may not be able to visit the store in person.

How much is the consultation fee?

Initial Assessment: $80
On-going consultation: $60

Uncertain about how a Naturopath can assist you? Walk-in for a 15 minute free consultation.

Schedule an appointment with our naturopath. To secure your preferred date and time for the appointment, please click the link below.