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Choice pharmacy has been a leader in servicing a large and varied range of aged care facilities from high and low care facilities, to retirement villages. Choice has developed a best practice in house model complimented with Webster care. Choice Pharmacy offers many services for aged care facilities such as personalised profiles for each resident, daily deliveries, medication management reviews and are more than happy to provide any additional support.
Personalised Profiles
Personalised profiles of each resident, with complete dispensary records to ensure the security and safety of systems and residents. This also serves to maintain accountability across all facility staff in residents’ medical management, including our pharmacy.
Involvement by Pharmacist
Involvement by pharmacist, eg, answering questions and providing extra support through accreditation.
Daily deliveries and urgent delivery of medication on weekends
Medication Management
Residential Medication Management Reviews
Closely working with facility staff, residents and doctors to ensure residents’ medication needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

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