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Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having a high blood pressure can put you at risk for many serious conditions such as Heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and diabetes. Therefor it is essential you decrease your potential risk factors. Risk Factors may include no exercise, smoking, obesity, high salt and alcohol consumption and family history.

What is the purpose of a free blood pressure check at Choice Pharmacy?

Our free blood pressure check service aims to help you monitor and maintain your cardiovascular health. Regular blood pressure checks can assist in identifying any potential issues and provide you with valuable insights into your overall well-being.

Who can get the free blood pressure check?

Our free blood pressure check is available to all customers who visit Choice Pharmacy. We encourage individuals of all ages to take advantage of this service, especially those who are concerned about their blood pressure levels.

How long does the blood pressure check take?

The blood pressure check is a quick and efficient process, usually taking just a few minutes.

Is an appointment necessary for the free blood pressure check?

No appointment is needed with our commitment to your well-being means you can drop by whenever it suits you. 

Is there any cost associated with the blood pressure check?

No, the blood pressure check at Choice Pharmacy is entirely free of charge. Our goal is to promote wellness and provide our community with easy access to important health information.

How often should I get my blood pressure checked?

The frequency of blood pressure checks depends on your individual health circumstances. For most adults, an annual check is recommended. However, if you have specific health concerns or risk factors, our professionals might suggest more frequent checks.